Saturday, August 17, 2013

Oh What a Beautiful Fair.

This past week we took an hour drive through the farm fields of Western New York. We went to the Wyoming County Fair, in Pike, New York. By we, I mean, Littlest, Middlest, and one of her friends, Ms. Mel Mac (whose name has been altered to blur the lines between reality and whatever I decide to write after this point).

During the hour drive the three young ladies conversed intently about trigonometry, statistics, and calculus, debated the benefits of taking physics versus taking chemistry, and examined which foreign languages were best for which careers.

I listened carefully to the conversation and when there was a lull I inserted my well thought out observation, “My goodness, isn’t the corn high?” This unleashed a barrage of intelligence from these three young ladies. There was talk of using trigonometry to measure the height of the corn, physics to measure the force of popcorn popping, and biology to detect how long it took corn to digest in a goat’s stomach.

Littlest, who loves elephants, but has never been to Oklahoma, wondered how high an elephant’s eye is from the ground and if corn could ever truly reach that height. When there was another pause in the conversation, I interjected, “What is a buccaneer?” They all looked at me with brows furrowed in confusion. I went on, “A buck an ear is an outrageous price for corn.” They all groaned.

The major draw of this fair is looking at the animals. There are rides of course, but the animals are so darn cute. Take for example these sleeping pigs, who seem to be smooching.

Of course, the cows were not to be out done and began to smooch as well.

All of this kissing began to make me nervous. After all, I was escorting three innocent young ladies.

Finally, after fretting and worrying, I found the perfect place for them.

By the way, as we left the fair we saw a sign that advertised 15 ears of super sweet corn for $3.50. So, a buck an ear is a crazy price for corn.

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