Friday, March 21, 2014

Is There Really a Conspiracy?

Conspiracies are everywhere. I am sure that someone in my house deliberately leaves the top of the Men's Multivitamins loose after taking their vitamins in the morning. They do this, to watch me pick up the bottle by the cap and have it fall back to the counter. I jump to grab the bottle in order to keep it from spilling all over the kitchen. When I accuse my wife and three daughters of sabotaging my vitamin taking regimen by leaving the top loose, they just roll their eyes and point out I am the only male in the house.

I still say it is a conspiracy against me.

Conspiracy theories capture my attention, mostly because they make for good books, movies, or television. Hollywood, and the rest of the entertainment industry, would have us believe that Yeti (Abominable Snowman) and its North American cousin, Sasquatch (Big Foot) are actually from another planet, or monsters from a different dimension, banished to wander Earth after committing some crime. People would rather believe the conspiracy theroies, rather than think that these creatures are hoaxes perpetrated by pranksters, or the misperceptions of an overactive imagination.

There is website after website that "expose" these conspiracies. Some websites say the government has lifesaving drugs - drugs that could even cure cancer - and that the government keeps these drugs secret, out of the public's hands. Let me point out that the government spends billions of dollars every year to keep us healthy. In between the Food and Drug Administration, the Center for Disease Control, and the National Institute of Health, the government seems to have ranked the health of it’s citizens as a high priority.

Let me point out, lest you think that Big Brother has developed a soft spot for us little people, that only healthy, living people can work and pay taxes; the infirm and dead cannot work and pay taxes. It is, therefore, in the government’s best interest to not keep medicines out of the public’s hands; especially a cure for cancer.

The latest conspiracy theories revolve around the missing Malaysian MH370, a Boeing 777, that was en route from Malaysia to China. One British paper, the “Sunday Sport” claims that the jetliner has somehow made it too the moon, defying international law and the laws of physics.

Other theories espouse the possibility that someone wanted to steal the plane. Stealing it is probably easy, compared to finding or building a place to land it where no one would see it land, and a large enough building to store it where no one would look for it either. It would seem that it would be easier and less expensive to simply buy a large jet, than go through the trouble of landing and hiding it.

I believe that when the missing plane is found, the explanation for what happened to it will be less farfetched than the present conspiracy theories. I do not believe these theories as they are too implausible.

Let me wrap this up, because I need to go to the airport. There is a Malaysian airliner, piloted by a Yeti, and carrying the cure for cancer, that is about to land. I have to see it to believe it.

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  1. There are a lot of fiction authors out there, for sure!